Trouble in the North

Session Summaries

Session 3 – travel from Cragmaw Cave to Phandallin, escorting Sildarr, returning goods to Coster, delivering wagonload, talking to town master and gathering of rumors at inn, trouble with Redbrand Ruffians at the Sleeping Giant inn

Session 4 – interrogating Redbrand, turning ‘prisoner’ in to town master, follow up at orchard, talking to farmer, discovery of hideout entrance, encounter with nothic, looting chasm

Session 5 – Redbrand hideout foray, skeletons in crypt, other encounters, camp at cistern

Session 6 – complete hideout investigation ( bugbears, droop, glassstaff

Session 7 – escort glassstaff back to town, turn over to hall winter, apparent change in town pecking order, talk to priestess at shrine and Halia at exchange

Session 8 – travel to Thundertree (encountered hostile goblins en route), Fwip the drummer, beeline to tower when at ruins, dragon encounter

Session 9 – treating Bastiana’s wounds, other exploration of Thundertree (giant spiders encountered), finding Reidoth, conveyed status of K’morr’s people, letter left behind by cultists

Session 10 – recovery of heirloom in ruined apothecary, overland trek thru forest, encounter with small (8) group of orcs, arrival at Cragmaw Castle

Session 11 – scouting of cragmaw castle (reidoth as giant eagle and Erasmus as invisible surveillor), sneaking in, accosting King Grol and the ‘drow envoy’, exfiltrating Gundren with the map

Session 12 – animal messenger owl while licking wounds in forest, heading south to escape vicinity of castle encounter layered assault by hobgoblin war band



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