Trouble in the North

Sessions 1 and 2

Meeprek's Narrative

Meeprek not the smartest goblin, but is smarter than Gwarf. Meeprek told Gwarf to let wagon pass by. Did Gwarf listen to Meeprek? No, he did not! Gwarf says we attack when wagon reaches dead horses. So we attack … and all goblins but Meeprek are killed.

Things seem good at first when goblin arrows and swords bite into flesh of the biguns. We wounded the sneaky she-devil but good. Meeprek very upset with filthy gnome-thing that hid between the horse-beasts. Meeprek again thinks Gwarf not so smart when he charged in to fight the pig-man in the metal clothes. Why stab thing big like Klarg? Gwarf was soooo stupid! Meeprek smart to talk to biguns and to stop fighting.

Meeprek tells human and he-devil about Klarg, our bugbear leader at cave. Meeprek also tells about King Grol, the big boss of tribe that lives in castle one day travel into Neverwinter Wood. Meeprek tells about messenger from Grol bringing news that Black Spider – Meeprek knows nothing about this spider – pays tribe to watch road for dwarf named Gunder Rockfinder, or something. Goblins to capture, send him and his stuff to castle, and we did so. Dwarf had map and human with him. Sent map with dwarf to castle, but we took human to cave for soon feast. Goblins holding human in eating cave and Meeprek not know human’s name.

Meeprek shows biguns how to get to goblin cave. Biguns take bows and swords from dead goblins, and from Meeprek, but they obviously not need as they already had wagon full of stuff and bunches of weapons with them. Meeprek kept captors out of snare and pit trap on way to cave, and even told where guard station was outside of cave. Biguns repay Meeprek by sticking loincloth in mouth and leaving tied up at guard station.

Meeprek hears wolves barking and growling at biguns when they go in cave. Bit later, Meeprek sees rush of water as some of Cragmaw tribe must have broken one of dams at waterfall. Geezil soon sneaks out of cave and frees Meeprek from bindings. Klarg ordered Meeprek to get word to King Grol about bigun intruders. Meeprek sneaked off but kept watch at cave entrance for bit longer. Saw human who wears animals bring tribesmen outside cave, notice that Meeprek is gone, and then frothy face murdered Meeprek’s helpless kinsmen. Meeprek sure to tell Grol about cruelty and brutality of bigun group.

When no messenger from Klarg meets Meeprek at Talk-To Stone before sunrise, Meeprek must believe that biguns managed to defeat Klarg and routed the part of tribe staying at the cave. Meeprek will now hurry to castle to let Grol know what has happened. Meeprek sure that biguns will regret their actions against mighty Cragmaw tribe. Meeprek also sure he will volunteer for more courier duty with Grol hoping to not be at castle if biguns decide to attempt rescue of Goober Stonespotter. Maybe Meeprek is the smartest goblin!



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